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28 Palms Relaxed fit Linen Pants – Best I’ve Owned!

OK Guys!  Its summer, or maybe even Winter, and you’re on vacation someplace warm and sunny!  You want to go out for the evening, but you really don’t want to put on a pair of shorts because where you’re going isn’t the most formal, but not the most casual location either.  Sometimes, you start off in the warmth of the day, but you are still out and about at night.

These pants are fitting for that moment, and damn near the most comfortable I’ve warn in a very long time.

I’ve purchase a couple of pairs of these, in two different colors to match my style while I’m out.  The first chance I had to wear them was a few weeks ago, when my wife and I decided to head out to a Tiki Bar and Grill for something to eat.  It was a very warm Florida Summer afternoon.  I knew that I was going to be out for a while, (well past sunset).  I decided to pull these out of the closet and wear them for the evening.

I can’t tell you how absolutely pleased I am with the fit, the color and the style.  I knew that we were heading out to someplace casual, but I get a bit tired of wearing shorts all the time.  Heat and humidity really don’t do well with a pair of jeans, and a pair of slacks, well that was just too much.

28 Palms linen pants are light, comfortable and airy.  They were the perfect thing for me.  So much in fact, that after I got home, I purchased another pair.

Colors include Black, Blue, White, Cream and Tan.  I have two white pair and one tan now.  I’m very pleased.

I would recommend that if you’re taking a winter vacation in the south, the Bahama’s or anywhere that you’ll be getting out of the cold, these are the perfect companion for your attire on those casual evenings out for dinner, bar hopping or strolling through a park.

I was amazed at how these pants feel, and how comfortable I am in them.  Being linen, and somewhat OCD about how my clothes look, the thought of wearing them out in public first made me a bit nervous, however, my wife said they looked great and she was very pleased I didn’t look like all the other guys at the restaurant, wearing all the same thing.

With that endorsement, I can safely recommend these.  I will no doubt invest in another pair, albeit a different color, and this time, maybe let my wife pick them out!