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Anchor Bar and Grill, N Fort Myers!

This is one of four eateries located at Marina Town, on the south side of Handcock Bridge Parkway just west of 41.

The Anchor Inn is located along the river cove, and offers a perfect compliment of both indoor and outdoor eating and drinking.

I’m an outdoor eater myself, (when it isn’t raining of course), and when ever I get a chance to sit outside, have a gold drink and a good meal, I’m on the hunt for places just like this.

This indoor atmosphere is very clean and quaint.  Any which way you choose, you’ll be happy with the surroundings and the service there is very good.  Each time I’ve been here, the servers were attentive to our needs.


So, lets cover the inside…

There is a well appointed bar and bar area where you can sit and have a quiet drink, watch the game or jut socialize.  The dinning room is very large, comfortable and extremely inviting.  I love the seaside decor that draws you into the seaside dinners from the north east coast.  

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get a photo of that, but trust me, it reminds me of a Long Island beach side dinner, and allowed my imagination to travel back…

Outside is comfortable, not crowded and easy to enjoy.  Although, for those of us that live here full time, you may be a bit disappointed in the fact that the outside area is poorly covered, with only table umbrellas to protect you from the sun.  In August, during the afternoon, you’ll want to sit inside.  Come dusk however, get outside and enjoy the atmosphere!


Judging by the menu, I will admit that I get the feeling that the Anchor Inn is geared more to the lunch crowd, and Friday or Saturday night pizza and beer!

They have a very affordable menu, that offers very good foot.  More so, they don’t have a big menu, so I’ve been pleased to experience fewer choices but done much better.

Services are plentiful.  Not once have I left there hungry or wanting more.  Nor have I had a poor meal.  

Looking for a Hamburger?  They are Fabulous, and maybe just a bit large for me.  None the less, I ate every bit of mine, and should have come back the next day for another.


The Diner menu is a bit lacking, but I have to clarify why it is I’m saying this.  Their diners are good, and again, you wont leave hungry, but the specialty here is their pizza!

They have a lot of specialty pizzas, and offer just about every flavor you could want.  Ample add-ons, and a thin crust for those of you who enjoy that, will be pleased!

I would stay away from the salads in the summer time, as in 90 degree heat, they don’t hold up well.  


My Thoughts!

Overall, I enjoy the atmosphere here.  I love the fact that it is easy to get to, and that parking, even in season, isn’t an issue.  I’ve noticed that the Anchor Inn seems to be much busier in season, then out of season, so plan on a small crowd in the middle of February but worth the trip there!

Enjoying the patio, sitting by the water and watching the boats is always entertaining by itself.  Once you’re done with dinner, they you and your friends can take a walk along the marina docks and admire the great area, even at night with a well lit boardwalk.

The best part of the Anchor Inn Bar and Grill, for me is the service.  I love the fact that I can head on over there on “date night” and have a nice drink and good company, and not worry about getting lost in the mix, and as some of us have experienced, forgotten about!

If you enjoy a nice quiet place to spend with a special person, get a cold beer and a great pizza, then head on over!  Let me know what you think!



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