Bathing Suit Cover ups are Fantastic Fashion, and offer you some Relief!

If you are like me, then you love to go to the beach!  Of course, it is always when the sun is shining, and the beach is packed with visitors all enjoying the fun of the sun, sand and water.

Of all the items we bring to the beach, we sometimes forget that we’re wearing a bathing suit, and every once in a while, I’m a bit shy about walking from the parking lot out to the sand.

Yes, you can put some shorts on, a tee shirt, or a jacket, but again, I’m hoping for to keep a little style on my body, and don’t necessarily want to look like I’m coming from the gym!

Beach cover ups are wonderful alternatives.

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I find that they offer a comfortable item to wear, and that they give a bit of protection from the sun.  While I’m getting ready on the beach, I keep mine on, and get ready.  Once I’m on my towel, off it comes and I can enjoy the sun and tan up a bit.  Especially after a long winter.

I’ve seen so many styles, and colors that I’m sure you will be like me, able to find the one or two that compliment your style, shape and feel.  Yes, of course, I have a couple of these, and enjoy them very much.

Check out the collection here, and if you see something that you really like, check out the reviews.  We strive to bring only the best items, and ones that will hold up over time, and bring you many years of use.

Leave us a comment.  Tell us if you have one, how much you enjoy it, and any more ideas of products that we can bring to you and review.

Have a wonder day, and happy beaching!