Get the right Sunglasses!

I can’t stress enough, that whenever you are out and about for a period of time in the sun, you should wear sunglasses.  I’m amazed by how many suffer from vision problems while out in the sunshine.

Of course, when you are at the beach, you wear sunscreen!  (I hope).  So, why not protect your eyes…

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Picking the right pair is important.  Some of the things you should remember when buying your next pair of sunglasses are that they should do the following…

  • Protect between 90 and 100% of UV Filtering
  • Large enough lenses to cover your eyes from most angles
  • Glare Reduction
  • Impact Reduction
  • and of course   They should look Good!

Not all good sunglasses have to be expensive.  After shopping for the many pairs I’ve owned in the past, I’ve been able to get very good glasses for $30.00 to $80.00.  Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent more.  I have, and I and proud to say that I own a couple of excellent pair of Raybans, and one pair of Oakleys.

I can’t say that any of the sunglasses I own are better or worse then others.  I think they all allow me the comfort of weight and lack of pressure on certain parts of my head.

Summer Beauty

I personally am not a fan of the traditional flight glasses, but my wife loves them.  I’ve found that they are too heavy for me, and the lenses are a bit large for my face.  I also have to take into consideration that certain features of my face lend better to different shapes of lenses, so keep that in mind whey you’re looking.

Not all of us can get away with the really cool shades that Tom Cruse wore back in the 80s, but we all want to, don’t we.

The weight of the sunglasses is also important.  While I’m driving, or taking the puppy out for his stroll around the block, I like to wear a light weight pair of sunglasses.  I don’t like that heavy feeling that comes from a strong Metal frame, but then again, I see that these look really good, and many of them offer some of the best protection.

So, each time I start my looking, I keep most of these factors in mind.  Especially the one about giving me the most coverage from the sun, and definitely while I’m driving.

You can click here to browse the selection of sunglasses we have online, or click the amazon link above, to browse Amazon’s selection of sunglasses.  I’m very sure the glasses we have here are a good starter, and offer you most of the features we recommend.

In any case, please check back, because we add products to our categories every week.  Products we have purchased, recommend or feel meet the best criteria for most of us.

Thank you again, and have a wonderful day in the sun!




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