Getting Comfy at the beach or by the Pool


Summer is just around the corner.  Beaches, boats, backyard pools!   Maybe a  Vacation to Florida and its amazing beaches is just around the corner, but, what should you bring to make your life comfy and relaxing…

Off to the Beach!

First, lets assume you will be heading someplace warm!  That’s always nice.  Get away from the cold, wet snow, and go someplace where the temps are better, say, around 75 degrees, and the beaches are clean, water is blue, and you need the attire to go along…


If you need some updated beachwear, lets consider the following…  Your bathing suit or your beach cover, shoes and glasses make for fantastic, comfortable and great looking accessories.

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Contemporary styles, which are quite the rage right now have been making their way to Florida Beaches this year in mass.  Some of the styles, like this one have become one of the most popular at the beach and pool scene, and gather the wonderful reviews.


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Other styles are equally as comfortable and attractive, and are the staple at most of the popular beach resorts and pool side hotels.  Traditional styles is actually what we tend to see the most of, and there is a wide range of them, and you always have to find that one to suite your style and appearance.


Men’s styles, while varied, tend to be the same they have always been.  Color and size seem to be the two biggest factors when looking for the suite.  None the less, there are enough available that any man would be comfortable tanning with his significant other at the beach, or just horsing around with the family.

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Swimwear is always an important factor.  It has to be comfortable, look good and even for us men, not make us look too foolish!

Other attire to consider are swimsuit covers and beach dresses.  There is always that time that when you’re done on the sand, you may want to go get dinner or a drink, and don’t feel like making the trek back to your hotel or Air BnB to change.  Make life casual.  Click here for some ideals of cover-ups, you just may be surprised how nice they are.






Going to the beach is great fun for individuals, couples and the entire family.  What do you need to