Patriotic Swimwear for Him and Her!

There is a lot said with what we wear to the beach, the pool or on the boat!  No matter what you choose, you have a chance to show just how much you Love America, with a choice of fantastic patriotic swimwear styles like these…

Great Patriotic Swimwear Styles for Women!

Heading off to the beach this 4th of July?  here are some great styles for women of all ages.

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Styles should fit well.  The ties are sturdy and can be adjusted to offer more or less “lifting effect.” Of course, bottoms should provide your level of modesty.  Bikini’s are great to work on that fantastic tan, Look good doing it, and comfortable enough to wear for your day out at the beach.

Lets not forget that a bikini is also a great way to make yourself look attractive.  Whether it is for your husband and the pool or on the boat, or for yourself to feel more attractive at the beach.  One important factor is that you should find out how they fit.  Depending on your build, check to see if the sizes run a little large.  There is nothing worse then jumping into a wave and having a wardrobe malfunction!

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Two piece styles don’t just have to be bikini styles either.  If you’re a bit more modest about what you wear out and about, then consider a swim suite that offers some extra cover up properties.  These can be just as sexy, and just as attractive as a bikini, but offer you a choice for a completely different look.

Modest styles offer you a suite that you can wear to more then just the beach, on the boat or at the pool.  Maybe you feel that your build just doesn’t warrant the wearing of a bikini, but you still enjoy the feel of a two piece, don’t rule these out.

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They still offer a fantastic look, and all you have to do once you leave the beach is throw on a pair of shorts, and you’re ready to get back to your car, go to lunch or just have more fun with friends hanging out.

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And for those of us who have that athletic build, don’t forget the ever popular one-piece.  Again, they offer a bit of modesty, however, you should make sure that a one piece is right for you.

Sometimes, they can be a bit uncomfortable if you have a tall torso, so keep an eye on the style and cut.

Now, lets not forget that some of us have our favorite bathing suit, and that’s great too.   You can accessorize your current wardrobe with a patriotic cover-up.  Cover-ups are great for hanging out at the beach, on the boat, or a casual meal at your favorite bar or restaurant afterwards.

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Many different styles are available, so don’t hold yourself back. and for those of you who want something to juice up that 4th of July Party, then check them out.

Cover ups are great for almost any activity.  Maybe you’ll be hanging out with the family for an all day event, and afterwards, heading out to the local fireworks show…  A cover-up is a wonderful fashionable item that you can throw on, and go…





Styles for Men!

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Lets face it… Guys are easy when it comes to swimwear.  First, they don’t have to choose from such a large pool (no pun intended) of options.

Men’s sues can be long, tall, short, loose or tight.  For men, a swim suite has to be empowering.  If they Look Good and Feel Good, so does he.

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Men’s swimwear has morphed a bit, into a multi-purpose piece of attire.  Not just swimwear, but they function as a great pair of shorts too.

Finding those perfect trunks is important for him.  If you’re on the search, find something that compliments him, both personally and physically.  That is the way to make him happy.

Depending on the style he likes, check out some alternatives.

Whether it is 4th of July, or any other day of the season, He’ll enjoy anything patriotic, and if he thinks it looks good on him, he’ll wear it until it wears out!

Have a great and safe 4th of July, and happy Summer.