Why I have a Life Jacket for my Puppy!

There is nothing more precious to me than the love for my dog, Codi.  He has the best personality, works with me every day, and gets along with all my customers, other dogs and cats like they are family.

That means a lot to me, and he means everything to me.

So, when we purchased a home with a pool, and realized that all that fur makes him sink, I became a bit concerned.  Especially because he loves to jump in the water and cool off.  Each day, after we get home from work, take a walk and eat, he likes to get wet.  Play a bit in the water and cool off.  Since we didn’t want to see him sink to the bottom of the pool, we bought a life jacket for him.  He loves it, and when its on, he’ll spend an hour in the pool relaxing, and chasing anything I throw at him.

Now, Codi weights in at 49 lbs, and we got him “Large” vest, so keep that in mind.

Believe it when I say, he even waits to have the life jacket put on him before he gets in.  That is a smart boy.

He has even become comfortable now wearing it at the beach, and I don’t have to worry about him too much.  Now, we’re considering a boat, and I’m glad that we have the life jacket.  If we ever do break down and buy another boat, I know that he can wear the life jacket and stay safe.

I recommend this for Any Dog.  I was a bit hesitant at first, mostly because I though he would look stupid in the jacket.  However, my wife convinced me that it was better to wear the jacket then to constantly jump in and chase him around the pool making sure he didn’t start to sink to the bottom!

Here are links to several of the jackets we carry.  If you have a puppy that likes the water, even if they can swim well, this is a must.  I wouldn’t consider taking him on a boat or to the beach without it, especially because he loves the water so much, and you can rest assured that your puppy will to.

Thanks you;