Why I like my Cubavera Shirts!

Hi Guys.  I Though I would start out today with a review of some shirts that I’ve been wearing since moving down to South West Florida.

I found these Cubavera shirts on Amazon a while ago.  I thought I would take a chance, and purchase a couple of them.  It was an easy choice for me, because I really like the feel of a linen shirt, especially down here in the summer.  I’ll admit, I also liked them a lot while I lived up north, because in the summer in NY, it is just as brutal as it is down here, most of the year.

These shirts fit me pretty good.  I’m a medium size, and while they tend to run just a bit large, a small would be too small, and would not last.

In the heat, they are very comfortable, and I’ll admit, that it is not difficult for me to grab one of these for my work day.  The fact that they breath very well, are extremely light weight, and allow much needed airflow, you’ll be cool wearing these any time the temperature gets over ninety, and very comfortable when it is cooler.

Most people tell me that these shirts fit perfectly, and I’ll admit, they are extremely well made too.  They are stylish and fashionable, and the color selection as well as the many different styles you can get are amazing.

My wife usually doesn’t say anything to me about what I’m wearing, (and you guys know, that’s our job), but she does tell me that I look good in these, and that in itself is why I still keep buying more.

I’m not a clothes hog by any means, however, I like a shirt that make me feel good throughout the day.  The linen material holds up all day for me in the heat and humid weather, and I don’t get uncomfortable at all.  The fact that they hold up to the abuse that I’ve been putting them through, working in these shirts for some time, is a definite plus.

If you’re going to purchase any of the linen shirts from Cubavera, then I suggest you remember, any linen clothing is going to wrinkle a bit.  When you wash some of these shirts, you may want to consider hang drying them, which is working for me.  I’ve been able to keep most of the wrinkles out of them that way, and don’t always have to worry about any creases or wrinkles at all.  Once dry, I just put them back in my closet.

I will iron them also, on occasion, depending on my day, but always when I go to work.  (I get to dress casual).  This is important to remember, as I have several friends that just hate to do their laundry and while they love their linen clothing, sadly you can tell that they don’t know how to take care of them.

I  don’t recommend drying these.  While you can, of course, linen shrinks, and don’t forget that.  If you’re like me, you have a wife that will remind you from time to time.

While I don’t have any polo style shirts from Cubavera, those are next on my list.  I am always looking at the styles they have to offer, but I’m more a tee and button-down kind of guy.  That being said, check out the Cubavera line on Amazon by Clicking Here.  Let me know what you think.

For the first time, I haven’t been disappointed in a brand.  I’m sticking with them.  Good luck, and Happy Hunting.