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Yucatan Gar & Grill, Matlacha, on your way to Pine Island!


So, I like to take the time and find new places to eat, walk and see.  Once a week, I through a dart at the proverbial virtual map on Bing or Google, and see where it is going to take me.  Especially this past week.  We’ve been frequenting the same old places that we love, and of course, have great food and service, but Friday, I wanted something new.

Wow!  Did I find a great place this time.  Not to brag, but every once in a while I can pull one out of the hat that hits a home run!  The Yucatan Bar and Grill was this weeks Hit!

Matlacha - Our Key West Village!

For those of you here in SW Florida, or you snowbirds coming and going…  You may know about Matlacha, and its artisan feel, fun streets heading into Pine Island, but those of you who don’t know, its worth the effort!

If you make the trip early enough, then stop at some of the shops along the way, and take a look around.  This great little strip offers all of us, not just tourists, something to enjoy, something to bring home, or maybe just a memory to cherish for a long while.

Just remember, don’t go too far, because on at the end of the strip, you’ll be looking for a great place to eat on the left!   I almost didn’t see it until it was too late, so don’t forget to look for the Yucatan sign, and get ready!


Sitting outside, gives you a wonderful view of Matlacha pass, and the local fish jumping out of the water.  

If that’s not enough, then take a look at the Totem polls in the water, and you’ll be taken back to a time in your mind of peace, romance and dreams.   (Well, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but…  Take it all in).

Enjoy the beach and Marine Decor!

Here we are again, speaking of waterfront dining.  Ok, this isn’t the beach, and you’re not over looking the marina’s along the golf, but, hey, this is great.  

I really enjoyed how comfortable I was, sitting outside with friends and taking in the view.

Clean and Friendly

Sometimes, the best places in the world to eat, may not seem that good from the first appearance, however, the Yucatan is not one of those.

As soon as you walk in the door, you are greeted with a friendly smile, and swished away to your preferred dinning area.  

For me, that is outside somewhere taking in the view and the pleasantries…

Everyone there was friendly, and helpful. I sometimes worry that when a person I’m with isn’t ready to make up their mind, that we will somehow be forgotten in the abyss of customers that servers may want to avoid, the indecisive customer!

None of that here…  Not only did they all chip in to help explain the specials, but made sound suggestions and genuinely took the time to help get everything right.

The Yucatan is clean, both inside and out.  I was very surprised to see that everywhere I looked, proved to be well taken care of and attended by the staff.

For those of us who happen to live full time in SW Florida, we know far too often that when going out off season, staff is sometimes short handed, certain things are neglected, and most of all, service suffers.  

Not Here!  My experience was top notch, and I can only recommend this establishment.   

Where is the Yucatan Bar and Grill?

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Our Meals…


Left to Right…

Steak with shrimp and lobster sauce, and baked potato.

Steak with shrimp and lobster sauce and rice.

Pork Chops with Mashed Potato.


Fantastic Food

When ever I take one of these adventures, you know, to try someplace new, something new, and out of my comfort zone I can’t be too sure what to expect.

When it comes to a meal, being of Italian heritage, food is very important to me.  A meal must taste good, and give you a reason to want more of it.  It should smell inviting, and create a desire.

Well, I was not expecting to be so satisfied as I was.  I thought that this was one of the best meals I’ve been lucky enough to have while living out here.

I wont speak for the two people whom were with me, but neither of them complained at all.  


Would I recommend this place?

Don’t laugh…  After a couple of bites from my meal, I had to text a couple that my wife and I are friends with.  I asked them if they had ever been here…  “No”,   

I made arrangements for them to meet us here next week and have a nice quiet meal, just the four of us.  

Yes, I would recommend this place.  As long as the food is fantastic, the service is great and the atmosphere wonderful.  Make sure you put the Yucatan Bar and Grill on your list of places to visit.

DateNight Cost!

I was very surprised that we got away with three good meals, three drinks and salads, all for under 30.00 per person.  

The lunch menu is obviously more affordable, and you will be happy to see meals starting under 9.00.

Casual Dinning, Affordable, and some of the Best food I’ve had in a long time…

Get to the Yucatan, and enjoy…  This is the perfect place to take the one you love, or a great night out for couples get together…